Electronic Recycling in UniversitiesAs electronic waste continues to pose a major threat to our environment, electronic waste recycling programs are being introduced into schools to educate children and help the environment at the same time. Hundreds of millions of electronic products are discarded each year, and when electronic waste ends up in landfills, it leaches harmful toxins into the ground, polluting water sources and destroying eco-systems. New initiatives that bring electronic waste recycling programs to schools across America are making it easier than ever for people to dispose of old electronics in a responsible way, while simultaneously teaching children about the importance of protecting our environment.


Recycling computer scrap in America’s schools has proven to be a great success in promoting the safe disposal of electronic waste. The recycling programs are based mainly around educating children and getting them to spread the word about the dangers of electronic waste and how we can prevent it from further damaging the environment. Children are encouraged to go home, share the information they have learned with their families, and collect unwanted electronics from around the house to recycle at school. The electronic waste is then picked up from the school and disposed of safely.


School recycling programs established in Arizona and Vermont have experienced great results, prompting the development of additional recycling programs in various states across the country. Vermont’s E-Cycles program offers free educational workshops for students in addition to free electronic recycling. The program has collected 2.8 million pounds of electronic waste to date. Arizona based company, youchange, runs a similar program and recycles the e-waste collected by children and their families for cash that is then given back to the schools to fund programs affected by budget cuts. Office Depot also runs a program for recycling computer scrap in schools by placing collection boxes for small electronics in schools across the U.S. and giving schools gift cards in exchange for their recyclables.


Computer scrap recycling programs in schools are great solutions to the growing electronic waste problem in America. Educating children on the hazardous effects e-waste has on the environment encourages them to think before buying things they don’t need and dispose of things in a more responsible way. These recycling initiatives have proved to be incredibly effective in getting both children and adults to responsibly dispose of their e-waste, while providing more money for schools that desperately need it. However, if one of these programs has yet to come to your school district, you can rest easy knowing that your electronic waste is in good hands with Cash for Electronic Scrap USA. Here at Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, we give you a fast, easy, and environmentally conscious way to dispose of your electronic waste. We pay the highest prices for your e-scrap, guaranteed, so you always have a green and profitable way to dispose of electronic waste even without state recycling programs.