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    “Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is the best in the business when it comes to electronic scrap recycling, hands down.”
    - Aaron S.

    “My company had over 600 obsolete computers that we were planning to discard. Instead, we had Cash for Electronic Scrap USA pick it up from us, and we got paid for it!”
    - Meredith F.

    “Cash for Electronic Scrap USA paid much more than I was quoted by anyone else for my old circuit boards.”
    - Kelly B.

    “Excellent service from this company, every time.”
    - Tim N.

    “Every year, I drop off computers at Cash for Electronic Scrap USA’s recycling center in Sharon, MA. I’d do it more if I could!”
    - Michael F.

    “I recommend Cash for Electronic Scrap USA to everyone I meet.”
    - Samuel K.

    “Cash for Electronic Scrap USA pays us better than anyone else for our cell phones, pager boards and SIM scrap!”
    - Alex E.

    “I came across a stockpile of old ceramic processors, and Cash for Electronic Scrap USA paid me good money for them. I only wish I had more!”
    - Mollie R.

    “Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is THE place to recycle your old electronics. I’ve been doing it for years!”
    - Janet Y.

    “We used to throw away all of our electronic scrap, but now we’ve begun to send it in to Cash for Electronic Scrap USA. They helped us turn waste into capital.”
    - Phil Z.

    "/about-us/client-testimonials/...CJ Environmental, Inc. is one of North America's largest precious-metal recycling corporations. They accept material from USA, CANADA & PUERTO RICO. Recently selected as a prestigious member of the INC 500, the company handles such high volume they are able to offer their customers unbeatable returns on all their precious metal electronic and computer scrap no matter how big or small the job. Family-owned and operated for more than 40 years, they must be doing something right..."