No one has to adapt to modern advancements in technology more than the ones making the monitors we use day in and day out. Every pixel advancement can make old monitors obsolete. Whether you have LCD monitor and tv’s or cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and CRT tv’s, Cash for Electronic Scrap USA has the right recycling solution for you. The dangerous mercury inside LED tv’s requires the recycling process to be handled by certified professionals. CRT tv’s and monitors were made up primarily of leaded glass.

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As tv’s got thinner and more consumer friendly these CRT tv’s were becoming obsolete. Unfortunately, the lead makes CRT TV recycling quite tricky.  This harmful material needs to be carefully handled and recycled in the most environmentally responsible way, so that it will not contaminate the materials around it. The lead in the tv’s requires the destruction to be done in a meticulous manner in order to not contaminate the recycling staff or the surrounding areas. Our recycling specialists work meticulously to ensure that all your CRT and LED tv and monitor recycling is done correctly and following all environmentally responsible protocols. Make sure your monitor recycling is completed by the best in the business with Cash for Electronic Scrap USA tv and monitor recycling services. Our all-star customer service team is ready to help you get the process started, today!