Cash for Electronic Scrap USA accepts: Computers, Laptops, Servers, LCD Monitors, Scanners, POS Systems as well as any non-hazardous materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. This includes but is not limited to Mother Boards, Daughter Boards, Telecommunication Boards, Hard Drive Boards, Low Grade Boards, Miscellaneous Communication Boards, Cell Phones, Memory, Hard Drives and IC Chips. If you have items that are not listed above or on our site, yet you think it may still be of interest to us, please contact us.
Pricing varies based on who manufacturers the electronic components is, the volume or quantity you are selling along with the condition of those items in certain cases. It is difficult to appraise the value of large quantities of electronics without visually inspecting the items or processing them, refining them and then assaying the end result. In order to get the most accurate quote, provide your sales representative with pictures of your equipment along with the estimated quantity.
Depending on the type of electronic equipment in question minimum shipments vary so feel free to call and ask. For shipments larger than 1,000 lbs (450 kg) + we ask that you please contact our us by phone at 1.866.300.7757 or email: to make arrangements for complimentary Freight Shipping.
No. There are NO hidden charges or fees when working with Cash for Electronic Scrap USA.
Yes. We purchase all types of mobile devices, and if the devices are fit for resale, we are able to quote and provide competitive buyback pricing. This included devices such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy etc.

We also purchase mobile scrap. Inquire for pricing.

All materials are unique and subject to different methods of processing. Newer computers are refurbished and given new homes to maximize ROI for our customers.  Scrap product is crushed or shredded before the refining process. All material is processed in accordance with all Federal, State and Local regulations. To learn more about our licensing and compliance measures contact us directly at or call 1.866.300.7757.
No. Although we prefer to have material segregated, you can send your material in a mixed lot if you prefer. We will sort and settle the product for you.
Yes. If you would like to pay for your own shipping, you have the right to do so. You can ship your material to us at:

15 Dan Road
Suite 150-E
Canton MA 02021

Foxboro, MA 02035

Some electronic material such as telecommunications boards or server boards may have beryllium leads or contacts. You may ship this material to us but must first take the appropriate steps to disclose this information with the shipping carrier. Federal regulations require these shipments to be labeled accordingly.
All settlements are final. Due to the fact that processing material takes time and is an investment on our end, Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is unable to return material once it is processed.
There’s a massive variety of equipment out there, call in to find out if yours material qualifies for our buyback program.
After qualifying and processing your equipment, Cash for Electronic Scrap USA can issue payment through a Certified Check or PayPal (less a 2.9% transaction fee)
The security of your information is our top priority. All devices containing sensitive information, or requested destruction will undergo DOD 5220.22-M Standard Wiping or shredding to ensure absolute destruction of the contents. Customers will receive a Certificate of Data Destruction to validate the process.