Free Electronic Equipment Disposal, Computer Pickup & IT Decommissioning Services

Technology is moving faster than ever. You’ve probably already noticed this phenomenon with your own home technology. The minute you buy the newest cell phone, tablet, computer, camera, etc, there are thousands of newer and more advanced models available on the market. While this may be a minor nuisance amidst the goings-on of your daily life, imagine the scale of this problem for large corporations. As companies rely on cutting-edge technology to conduct their businesses as efficiently as possible, they are constantly upgrading their technological equipment. So what happens to the old hardware?

Cash for Electronic Scrap USA will pick up your old computers & IT equipment

Free Computer Recycling PickupInstead of contributing your large volumes of out-of-date technology to the earth’s already-limited landfills, contact Cash for Electronic Scrap USA for our free electronic equipment disposal and computer pickup service. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is a subsidiary of CJ Environmental, a company with a strong investment in disposing of electronic equipment safely and responsibly. In addition to providing trustworthy service for our clients, we are committed to following all applicable electronic scrap recycling codes and regulations.

If your company is ready for a technological upgrade, schedule an appointment with Cash for Electronic Scrap USA for Free Electronic Equipment Disposal, Computer Pickup and IT Decommissioning Services. Our friendly representatives will come directly to your office and pick up all of your old equipment – free of charge. Our services are available anywhere in the US or Canada.

Get paid to do your part for the environment

Not only does Cash for Electronic Scrap USA provide free recycling services, but we’ll pay you for it! In addition to computers, Cash for Electronic Scrap USA will safely recycle your company’s old motherboards, hard drive boards, low grade boards, cell phones, pager boards, transistors, eproms, and semiconductors. Make the earth better, and make money doing it.

If you’d like to learn more about these services, please contact us immediately or call us by phone: 1.866.300.7757.