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Random-Access Memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage. Today, it takes the form of integrated circuits that allow stored data to be accessed at random.  The word RAM is often associated with volatile types of memory (such as DRAM memory modules), where the information is lost after the power is switched off. These often contain precious metals, which can be processed and refined for favorable return.

Here are the Most Common Memory Board Manufacurers We Purchase:

Om Nanotech Om Nanotech, A-Data, Adtec, Aeneon, All Components, Inc., Apacer, Asus, ATP, Bit4Ram, Buffalo Technology, Centon Electronics, Century, CEON, CFD, Chaintech, Corsair Memory, Dataram, Dynet, Edge, Elixir, Eudar, Fujitsu, GEIL, Greenhouse, G.Skill, HP, Hyundai, IBM, Infineon, IO-DATA, Itaucom, K-Byte, Kingmax, Kingston Technology, Kreton, Kyocera, Lenovo, Lifetime Memory Products, Inc., MemoryTen, Micron Technology (brand name Crucial Technology), Mushkin, NCP, Novatech Solutions, OCZ Technology, Patriot Memory, PNY, PowerChip, PQI, ProMos, Rambus, Ramtron International, Raxmaxel, Rendition, Renesas Technology, Samsung Electronics, Shikatronics, Simpletech, Smart Modular, Sony, Spec Tek, Super Talent, SupremeTop, Swissbit, SyncMAx, TECHWORKS, Toshiba, Transcend, Tyan, TwinMos, V-DATA, Ventura Technology Group, Viking InterWorks, Wintec Industries, Virtium Technology, Zion

Sell EPROMS for cashEPROM, or Erasable Programmable (Read Only) Memory is a type of memory chip that retains its data when its power supply is switched off. EPROMs are easily recognizable by the transparent fused quartz window in the top of the package, through which the silicon chip is visible, and which permits exposure to UV light during erasing. These often contain precious metals, which can be processed and refined for favorable return.

EPROMs come in several sizes both in physical packaging as well and storage capacity.  Here are a list of some of the manufacturers and sizes: Atmel, Hitachi, Infineon, Linear Technology, Maxwell Technologies, Microchip Technology, Mitsubishi, NXP, Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor, Renesas Technology, ROHM, Samsung Electronics, STMicroelectronics, Seiko Instruments, Winbond

EPROM Type Size — bits Size — bytes
1702, 1702A 2 Kbit 256
2704 4 Kbit 512
2708 8 Kbit 1 KB
2716, 27C16 16 Kbit 2 KB
2732, 27C32 32 Kbit 4 KB
2764, 27C64 64 Kbit 8 KB
27128, 27C128 128 Kbit 16 KB
27256, 27C256 256 Kbit 32 KB
27512, 27C512 512 Kbit 64 KB
27C010, 27C100 1 Mbit 128 KB
27C020 2 Mbit 256 KB
27C040 4 Mbit 512 KB
27C080 8 Mbit 1 MB
27C160 16 Mbit 2 MB
27C320 32 Mbit 4 MB

Loose Gold Contacts & Tin Lead Contacts (memory): Loose Gold Contacts & Tin Lead Contacts consist of freed that may contain precious metals, tin and lead. These often contain precious metals, which can be processed and refined for favorable return.

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