How to Safely Recycle Computers

Dispose of Electronic WasteThe turnover rate of new computers is increasing every year with advancements in technology and manufacturing, causing a simultaneous spike in the rate at which we dispose of those electronics. In order to stay competitive, businesses across the globe are finding that they have to replace their computer systems in intervals that shrink from year to year. What exactly are companies to do with idle old computers?

Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is a subsidiary of CJ Environmental, a company with a long established reputation of honesty, transparency and conformity to all codes and regulations in regards to the protection of the world around us. CJ Environmental, along with Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, is dedicated to providing a safe, easy and responsible way for people to safely recycle their old computers for free! All you have to do is fill out the form to the left to receive a FedEx shipping label, and we will send you a check!

Our disposal methods are Title 40 CFR compliant.

The disposal methods utilized by Cash for Electronic Scrap USA are in total compliance with Part 264 of the EPA’s Title 40 CFR, meaning that our methods in electronic scrap disposal are designed to minimize environmental impact. Customers of Cash for Electronic Scrap USA can rest assured that their old computers will be recycled safely and responsibly.

Avoid the ramifications of incorrect disposal.

Improperly disposed electronic waste can have drastic cumulative effects on the environment. Many elements of electronic scrap contain dangerous materials. Exposed to the elements, much of these materials can seep into the groundwater, eventually making their way to major waterways and primary water supplies. Landfills, unlike what many less responsible “recyclers” may choose to believe, are not isolated. Landfills remain part of our complex ecosystem, and any old computers that are improperly recycled will make their way back into our lives.

Not every electronic scrap recycler honors their responsibility to the environment. It is important for consumers to ensure that the recycler with which they choose to recycle their old computers is one that puts the environment and the customer first.

We offer free electronic equipment disposal for all kinds of electronics.

Recycle Your Electronic ScrapAt Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, not only do we safely recycle old computers, but we also offer free recycling for all kinds of electronic equipment! If you have motherboards, hard drive boards, low grade boards, cell phones, pager boards, transistors, eproms or semiconductors, we will dispose of that as well, for free! Check our homepage for a complete list. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA offers a means for both companies and individuals to recycle their old electronic equipment and to get paid for it! For a complete list of materials that we accept, please consult this page.


If you are looking to safely recycle old computers and other electronic equipment for free, Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is ready and willing to take on that responsibility. Simply fill out the form to the left, and a free FedEx shipping label will be mailed to your address. Our goal at Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is to safely and responsibly recycle your old computers and other electronic equipment, and we’ll pay you to do it!


So what have you got to lose? Recycle with Cash for Electronic Scrap USA today!