What is My Material Worth?

When recovering precious metals from Computer & Electronic scrap, there are many variables to consider which affect the final value of the material. First, the process by which Computer & Electronic Scrap is refined is normally very expensive and time consuming. However, when working with Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, the cost of refining these materials is immediately offset by the shear volume of business we do.

What’s My Material Worth?

The short answer is it’s difficult to say. Due to the fact that there are so many different manufacturers of electronic components, it is difficult to appraise the value of large quantities of scrap without actually breaking down the items, processing them, refining them and then assaying the end result. What Cash for Electronic Scrap USA can promise is that we do our very best to recover every last bit of precious metal contained in your lot down to the last gram of gold. Also, keep in mind there may be other metals contained within your lot that are worth money such as lead, tin and copper.

electronic scrap valueGold Components vs. Gold Plated Components

Often customers are confused by Gold components vs. Gold Plated components. Although both materials contain value, Gold Plated items are simply coated in a layer of Gold instead of being a solid gold alloy throughout. However, sometimes Circuit Boards, Processors, Transistors, Memory (RAM), IC’s, EPROMS will contain other precious metals like Silver or Platinum which are worth money.

Older Electronic Scrap vs. Newer Electronic Scrap

Generally speaking, older electronic and computer scrap tend to yield better results, mainly because more precious metals were used in the manufacturing process years ago. Material produced before 1995, will contain more precious metal value than parts manufactured after. Therefore, the parts in a 386 or 486 computer will contain more gold than its descendants. This also rings true for cell phones as well. Analog scrap will contain more Gold, Silver Platinum & Palladium than its Digital counterparts. With that being said, all of the material has value, so don’t hesitate to send it in. As a general rule of thumb, the more material you have, the higher the returns.

What Electronic Equipment is Worth Money?

Although there are many different items that fall under the classification of “Electronic Scrap” or “ Computer Scrap,” the material that we pay cash for is:

Mother Boards, Daughter Boards, Telecommunication Boards, Hard Drive Boards, Low Grade Boards, Misc Communication Boards, Backplanes, Cell Phones (Without Batteries), Pager Boards , Green Boards (No components), Transistors, Mixed Scrap Integrated Circuits (IC chips), Sorted Integrated Circuit (IC chips), Memory (RAM), EPROMs w/Gold Face, 386/486 Processors, AMD Processors, Pentium Processors, Miscellaneous Mixed Ceramic Processors, Slot Processors, Semiconductors, Gold Finger Scrap, Gold Plated Circuit Board Scrap, Populated Circuit Board, SIM Scrap / Smart Card Scrap