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CJ Environmental, Inc . the Nation’s leading choice for Precious Metal Refining. CJ Environmental is equipped to service a variety of refining needs, including Precious Metal Scrap Refining, Electronic Scrap Refining and even Dental Scrap Refining. We tailor our programs to match our clients’ needs. More..

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Cash for Silver USA , offers cash to consumers looking to sell unwanted silver items such as Sterling Silver Jewelry, Silver Bars, Sterling Silver Flatware and Serving Pieces, and anything else bearing the silver hallmark. More…


Cash For Dental Scrap , offers cash to the dental industry for gold or silver crowns, bridges, PFMs, PFGs or any other dental work containing precious or semi-precious metals. More…


Our CASH FOR DIAMONDS USA program offers rates directly to the public that are normally reserved for brokerage firms and private companies. Because we process such a high volume of DIAMOND SHIPMENTS every month, we can afford to pay you top-dollar for all of your diamonds and precious metal settings. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our settlement or we’ll return your material to you. More