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    Cash for Electronic Scrap USA’s Local Computer Recycling Center

    Our generation is defined by technology. Every day, new gadgets are released to make our lives more efficient. Unfortunately, these new technologies render the ones we have obsolete. Just as there isn’t enough space for them in our basements, there definitely isn’t enough room in our landfills for all of our technological leftovers.

    With this quick electronic turnover rate, recycling has become the obvious solution for technological advancement with minimal technological waste. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, a subsidiary of CJ Environmental, offers electronic recyclers cash for their contributions to the earth.

    Drop Off Computer Recycling: Weighed & Paid on the Same Day

    Electronic Recycling Drop OffCompanies in the Massachusetts area have a unique opportunity to recycle their old computers and electronic equipment. In order to make cash for your electronic scrap, simply schedule an appointment by calling 781.784.0000. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA’s local computer recycling center is located in Sharon, Massachusetts. We allow individuals and companies to drop off their materials and leave with checks the very same day. All you have to do is call ahead to set up an appointment, and you can be weighed & paid on the spot by a friendly and trustworthy CJ representative.

    If assisting in the preservation of the environment isn’t enough of a reason for you to recycle your old technological equipment, then making quick cash should. In addition to computers, our computer recycling centers accept motherboards, hard drive boards, low grade boards, cell phones, pager boards, transistors, eproms, and semiconductors; we’ll pay cash for all of them! Why let these electronics collect dust in your closet, when you can collect cash from them to put towards your iPad fund?

    Get Paid to Recycle Safely and Responsibly

    Cash For Electronic Scrap USA works in compliance with Part 264 of the EPA’s Title 40 CFR in order to minimize the environmental impacts of your old electronics. We assure you that your old technological equipment will be recycled safely and responsibly. Save the earth and make some cash; call Cash for Electronic Scrap USA today!

    "/computer-recycling/cash-for-electronic-scrap-usas-local-computer-recycling-center/...CJ Environmental, Inc. is one of North America's largest precious-metal recycling corporations. They accept material from USA, CANADA & PUERTO RICO. Recently selected as a prestigious member of the INC 500, the company handles such high volume they are able to offer their customers unbeatable returns on all their precious metal electronic and computer scrap no matter how big or small the job. Family-owned and operated for more than 40 years, they must be doing something right..."