Cash for Electronic Scrap in Boston

Countless new electronic devices are sold every year while their old and unwanted counterparts are routinely discarded. Whether they are tossed into a drawer or thrown into the trash, the valuable materials that they contain go to waste. Hard drives, mother boards, cell phones, and other consumer electronics are made using varying amounts of metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium, all of which can be recovered and refined for a profit.

Headquartered just outside of the city, Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is the best place in Boston to sell electronic scrap. A division of CJ Environmental, one of the largest precious metal recycling companies in the North America, we have been serving Fortune 500 companies and individuals alike since 1975, providing unsurpassed returns on electronic and computer scrap. The high volume of material that we process allows us to offer rates to the public that are generally reserved for brokerage firms, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The process is simple: just fill out our simple request form to receive a free, customized shipping label. The devices that you send will be broken down and assessed for precious metal content, and we will mail you a check based on the current market price of the metals that your shipment contains within 10 days of receipt.

Our refining and recycling processes are both efficient and environmentally friendly, and we pay more than the competition—guaranteed. Request a free shipping label to sell your electronic scrap in Boston today!