How to Make Money From Home with Cash For Electronic Scrap USA

In today’s economic times making money from home is not a luxury all of us can afford. But Cash for Electronic Scrap USA makes recycling High and Low Grade Computer Scrap really easy. Anyone can do it to and earn extra money from the comfort of their home.

How to Get Started

If you are not currently collecting electronic scrap, the first thing you will need to do is set aside a small dry space in your garage to temporarily store the materials. Purchasing a few 50-gallon drums or garbage bins from a local hardware store like Home Depot will suffice.  Once you have a place to store material, then all you have to do is go out and get it.

Here is a list of locations that may have Electronic Scrap either for sale or for FREE! A lot of businesses prefer to simply “get rid” of their electronic waste and if you’re willing to take the material off their hands for free, you can ship it to us and we’ll pay you for it!

Local Dump
Neighbors – (People always have old computers & cell phones lying around)
Garage Sales (small quantities)
Recycling Centers
Electronic Stores
Public Schools
Private Schools

Place a Local Ad — To Get More Materials

Place a small ad in a local paper or penny saver or even You’ll be surprised to find out how quickly people respond. Offer a Free Pickup.

Here is the material you should be collecting:

Mother Boards, Daughter Boards, Telecommunication Boards, Hard Drive Boards, Low Grade Boards, Misc Communication Boards, Backplanes, Cell Phones (Without Batteries), Pager Boards , Green Boards (No components), Transistors, Mixed Scrap Integrated Circuits (IC chips), Sorted Integrated Circuit (IC chips), Memory (RAM), EPROMs w/Gold Face, 386/486 Processors, AMD Processors, Pentium Processors, Miscellaneous Mixed Ceramic Processors, Slot Processors, Semiconductors, Gold Finger Scrap, Gold Plated Circuit Board Scrap, Populated Circuit Board, SIM Scrap / Smart Card Scrap.

Ready To Sell

Once you’ve collected a bunch of material, simply fill out the form on our website to REQUEST FREE SHIPPING. One of our sales team members will be in touch with you immediately to arrange for either Complimentary Freight Shipping or they will provide you with Free FedEx shipping labels. It’s very easy and totally safe. We’ll make sure to get your material processed as fast as we can so you can get paid quickly. Get started today!