Cash for Electronic Scrap in San Francisco

Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is dedicated to keeping electronic scrap out of landfills by allowing you to sell it for cash instead. We specialize in recycling and refining precious metals, ensuring that all materials are taken care of in an environmentally friendly way and that as much precious metal content as possible can be refined and reused.

We accept everything from motherboards, hard drives, and transistors to cell phones and semiconductors, and we pride ourselves on offering all of our clients the highest possible returns—due in large part to the high volume of material that we process, we are able to pay rates that are typically reserved for private brokerage firms.

San Francisco is known for its prominent role in promoting environmentally friendly activity, and Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is the best place in the city to sell unwanted e-scrap of all kinds. In addition to paying more than the competition, we cover all of the costs associated with shipping and insuring your materials, and you will never have to pay extra brokerage fees. Your payment will be based on the precious metal content of your devices and the current market prices of the metals that they contain—satisfaction guaranteed.

To get started turning your unwanted electronics into cash, fill out our simple shipping label request form and mail us your e-scrap today!