by Alex Francis

Art from Electronic Scrap “Artysta (The Artist)” by Finnabair

If beauty and art aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of electronic scrap, then you clearly have not seen the work of Finnabair.

Sourcing materials from old computers, broken metal objects, and pretty much anything else that she can get her hands on, Finnabair, whose real name is Anna Dabrowska, creates works of art that she describes as “industrial art, cyberpunk art, or artistic upcycling – with a bit of spiritual feeling.”

Starting with a blank canvas and a pile of what most people would consider junk, Finnabair arranges things like USB drives, fragments of motherboards, buttons, and twine into beautiful depictions of various subjects. She then colors entire pieces in mixtures of blues, golds, and greens that give everything an old-fashioned, almost ethereal vibe that is interestingly juxtaposed by the industrial nature of the electronic scrap.

Her work can be appreciated on many levels—from the intricate details of her collage-ing to the overall appearance of each piece, not to mention the fact that she is recycling and reusing things that most people consider to be trash makes it even more impressive. About her art and her process, Finnabair explains, “It gives me moments when I forget about the world, working hard [in my] head, hands translate, paint, stick… I cannot stop.” And as long as she keeps producing such beautiful works of art, one can only hope that she never has to.

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