While Cash for Electronic Scrap USA has “USA” in the title and is a proud American-run business, we accept electronic scrap generated from our Canadian neighbors, as well. Not only that, but our business extends itself into Canada – we not only accept electronic scrap shipments from all over the United States, but also from Canada.

We are able to be so free-for-all in regards to our acceptance of electronic scrap due to the fact that no matter where the electronics may have originated or been used, all electronics – particularly cell phones and computers – contain trace amounts of gold. Gold has been a standard in computer hardware manufacture ever since the development of computers, due to gold’s fantastic properties. Gold is able to consistently conduct electricity at low levels, and gold doesn’t corrode under stress. This is great for sensitive computer parts such as the delicate wiring on computer chips: they don’t require much electricity to operate, but they do need a metal that is up for the task of constantly conducting. Gold is that material!

Of course, technology moves faster than anybody can keep up with, but any consumer who is interested in the latest and greatest produces electronic scrap as quickly as Apple Computer Company can come up with the latest iPhone. What you may be unaware of is that you can sell this pile of electronic scrap for money!

Whether your electronic scrap is Canadian or American, we invite you to look at selling your electronic scrap to Cash for Electronic Scrap USA. We guarantee that our expertise in the field will yield you the highest profits around for your electronic scrap – we have been working for over thirty years in the industry and our refinery capabilities are unmatched. Take a look at our website and testimonials – the satisfaction of our customers is plain to see!