With the massive production of cell phones and the gigantic mobile phone industry we have today, there is no question that cell phones will only continue to improve and the technology will continue to advance. Mobile phone technology has advanced rapidly just over the last five years, and it can be difficult to recall what the original Nokia cell phones looked like, which were so revolutionary at the time. Yet our rapid technological advances also mean something else: an increase in electronic waste. The world currently generates around 50 million tons of electronic waste per year. It is becoming increasingly clear that consumers need to become familiar with the process of phone recycling. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA will give you cash for your old and used cell phones.

The cell phone is quickly becoming the quintessential technological item, greatly increasing the part that cell phone scrap plays into the growing issue of electronic waste. Fortunately, people have also become more conscious of the planet, and the notion that recycling is becoming the preferred method of disposal has a very large part to play in solving the electronic waste issue.

There is no reason for your old cell phones to take up space in a drawer when they could be responsibly recycled, especially when recycling your cell phone will leave you with some extra cash in your pocket. Simply fill out the form on the Cash for Electronic Scrap USA website, and a prepaid FedEx shipping label will be sent to your address. Every shipment has a unique tracking code and is insured up to one thousand dollars for your peace of mind.

Cell phone recycling is an absolute must in order to avoid adding to our already enormous production of waste, and at the same time assists with the difficulties of quickly advancing technology that makes our phones obsolete much more quickly than we ever realized. Cell phones are valuable and can be recycled because they have key components that are made from precious metals. Even if the phone is broken or obsolete, the elements from which its parts were fabricated have not lost their value. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are some of the precious components of your old cell phone that can be easily recycled and reused by Cash for Electronic Scrap USA.