After winning its freedom from Spain during the Spanish American War, the Republic of Cuba has proved to be a small yet prosperous country. With a 100% literacy rate and a small carbon footprint, the country has done relatively well for its small size. While Cuba is infamous for repressing its citizens and allowing very few outside individuals to enter the country, it is nonetheless a country known for various industries. Since its largest industries are the coffee, fish, tobacco, and medical industries, one may assume this small country houses little electronic scrap.

However, this is simply not the case. Because one of its major imports is machinery, there is a fair amount of electronic scrap to be found throughout Cuba. This electronic scrap contains materials (such gold, silver, platinum, copper, steel, and so on) that can be extracted and sold at a high price.

So what exactly constitutes Cuban electronic scrap? Literally anything electronic. From computers to mobile phones to television sets and even refrigerators, these items can be sold as electronic scrap for a potential profit. In addition, because gold, silver, and platinum prices are at their highest in years, selling this Cuban electronic scrap could garner some extra wages for many individuals who wish to sell the electronic scrap they currently own.

Therefore, if you are thinking about throwing away that eyesore of a radio or giving away that old television, know that selling what is inside your electronic scrap may be a better option. While Cuba may not rely on electronics as much as the United States or larger nations of the world, do not count them out because Cuba, without question, has plenty of electronic scrap to go around!