It seems like technology moves faster than the speed of light, these days. Think about it. Less than a decade ago, people used to listen to portable CD players, and nowadays people listen to mp3s on their fun-sized phones, while they monitor the stock trends and buy new shoes online. Phones upgrade and downsize so quickly it can make your head spin, and if you don’t have the latest models, you’re stuck behind the times. And so we constantly get new phones, and the older versions just sit in the drawer and collect dust, serving no discernible purpose. Sound familiar? What you might not know is that you can actually sell those obsolete pieces of technology and get cash for cell phones and other electronic scrap.

Cash for Electronic Scrap USA takes electronic scrap and recycles the components in order to extract precious metals like silver and copper from the circuit boards. That might sound complicated, but they do all the legwork; all you have to do is send in your scrap! The process is incredibly simple. Just fill out a FedEx shipping label and a pre-paid package insured up to 1,000 dollars will be sent to you. That way, you can rest easy knowing that the contents of your package are safe and protected. Once the packaged is received and processed, a check will be sent your way within 24 hours. It’s that easy! Additionally, Cash for Electronic Scrap USA is the nation’s leading refinery, which means they can pay significantly more than the competition. When it comes to cash for phones, there’s really only one option.

If you’re looking to not only sell old cell phones, but various other kinds of scrap, that’s great too. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA will happily buy mother boards, transistors, and more. So instead of letting them rot in your drawer for years at a time, think about getting some cash for phones and other scrap. You could be sitting on a veritable gold mine (especially if you’re a tech-savvy individual who frequently upgrades). By sending in your e-scrap to be recycled, you’re also positively impacting the environment. You’ll be going green in more ways than one! In another ten years we’ll probably have our phones implanted in our brains, but until then we’ll keep upgrading and tossing the old ones. Get back some of the money you’ve invested and get cash for your old phones. That way you can have a little extra change to by the new phone-television-mp3 player that’s doubles as your wristwatch.