More and more, people are beginning to understand the importance of recycling electronic waste. In a digital world where gadgets and gizmos are constantly being replaced by the next technological advancement, televisions, cell phones, computers, music players, and more, are thrown by the wayside. For those who are not aware, it becomes a serious problem when those electronics end up in landfills, because the majority of them contain toxic materials like mercury, lead, cadmium, and lithium. When these dangerous chemicals are improperly disposed of, they pollute the surrounding ground and water, causing harmful environmental effects.

Luckily, an increasing number of states are making it illegal to dump electronic waste in landfills, making residents aware of the dangers of e-waste. Additionally, numerous electronic recycling drives are being set up to give people safe and simple ways to dispose of their electronics. For example, Illinois is one of the states that has banned electronics from landfills, and DeKalb County has been hosting a huge recycling drive for the past few years. This year, the drive was sponsored by the DeKalb County Solid Waste Management Program and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau. They managed to collect somewhere in the area of 75,000 pounds of electronic waste!

If you have old electronics that you are looking to get rid of, another great option is to sell electronic scrap for cash. Aside from the toxic elements that are contained within electronics, there are also trace elements of precious metals like gold, silver, and palladium. CJ Environmental—the nation’s leading precious metal refinery—is happy to pay you a nice sum for your electronic waste. Considering the fact that you are getting paid to help the environment, it’s truly a win-win situation. The process is very simple. All you have to do is request a free shipping label from Cash for Electronic Scrap USA (CJ’s E-Scrap division), put your items inside a box with the label, and send the package back to CJ Environmental. In a couple of days, you will receive a check in the mail. It is that easy!

Recycling drives are a great thing to take part in, but if you have some e-waste you want to get rid of, and there is not a local drive or at least not one in the immediate future, then why not sell electronic scrap for cash? Either way, you are helping the environment, so you might as well get a little extra spending money to show for it. The burden falls to each of us to try and keep this planet safe and clean and properly disposing of E-waste is something we all must take part in.