When one thinks of electronic scrap, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is old electronic junk gathering dust and taking up space in their home. However, did you know this same electronic scrap might be worth your while to invest in? It is true; the same “electronic junk” that has become such an eyesore in your home may be worth more by salvaging precious material from its insides than it is worth as an electronic device today.

Investing in electronic scrap is not difficult. Begin by advertising around your community that you want electronic scraps (you may advertise on Craigslist as well). Once people learn you want electronic scrap, they will probably be more than happy to give the scrap to you free or a cheap price.

You will need to learn to identify the valuable metals that encompass electronic scrap. Obviously, metals such as gold and silver can be found in most electronic scrap, but other metals such as platinum, zinc, and copper can be found as well. Once you can identify certain metals, you must figure out how to salvage the metal from your electronic scrap. Do some research to figure out the safest and most time and cost-effective techniques.

Once you have salvaged the valuable metals, you must find a dealer who specializes in trading valuable metals for cash. Ensure these dealers do not charge unfair fees and will allow you to approve or deny their price of trade before they give you cash. Once you have found a proper dealer, send the metal to them and in a few days, you should receive a check in the mail. With a little practice and some notoriety, you will have plenty of valuable metals in stock and will be able to make a fair amount of money in electronic scraps.