It may come as a surprise, but it is not difficult to get cash for your old, unused, unwanted cell phones. Just as there are many cash for gold and cash for silver companies, many cash for electronic scrap companies have also surfaced. Electronic scrap includes anything from CPUs, motherboards, daughterboards, to used cell phones. Because of the availability of these companies, it is easier than ever to sell used phones for cash.

If you have old phones that have been sitting in a drawer waiting to be inevitably thrown away, do not miss the opportunity to send them to be recycled by Cash for Electronic Scrap USA. When you recycle your old cell phones, not only do you receive the immediate benefit of having a little extra cash in your pocket, but you are also contributing to the fight to preserve our environment.

Many scrap pieces of electronics contain various materials that can be very harmful to the environment. This issue is exacerbated when electronic scrap sits in land fills for extended periods of time. When raw pieces of electronic scrap sit exposed to the elements, the harmful material can seep into the ground, where it can often go on to contaminate an entire water supply. Getting cash for selling your used phones may even seem like a bonus with the real benefit coming from saving the environment from the hazardous waste in your electronic scrap.

If you, like many others, have an old or used cell phone model, which has been long since replaced by two, maybe four, newer cell phone models as the technology continues to improve, then selling your used phones is purely beneficial, as many cash for cell phone companies offer free FedEx shipping and a guarantee on the amount you will receive on your check in the mail.