Ever wonder how people make money with the gold, platinum and silver within electronics? It’s not too terribly easy but it can be done. It’s through a process called reverse electroplating.

First, you need to compile all your scrap electronics. Things like old computers are a great place to start. Truth be told, the older the computer the easier it will be to find gold inside.

After you compile your scrap, do the easy stuff. Cut the obviously gold-plated elements. No need to waste your time and chemicals on the entire motherboard when only the pins, processors and chips have any gold. You can keep the motherboards for silver and other precious metal reclaiming later.

The next step involves chemicals. This is why many people prefer to use large companies to do electronic recycling, but it can be done. Just be very careful and use the appropriate safety clothing. This includes a rubber apron, respiratory mask and thick rubber gloves.

Research different formulas and strategies for reverse electroplating. What you will be doing is placing the materials in a chemical bath and through a process of different charges the gold will attach itself to a piece of steel, apart from the other pieces of scrap.

Then you have to refine the gold from the 12k or 18k gold you recovered to pure 24k gold. Again, this is done with chemicals. This chemical in particular, Aqua Regina is highly toxic and so be extra careful as it will easily burn through human tissue.

What Aqua Regina does is eat away any other material but gold. That way you are left with absolutely 24k pure gold.

Once you have mastered reverse electroplating you can start selling your gold. Or, like many people you can simply ship your scrap to larger firms so they can handle the chemicals and processing.