Many people are looking into selling precious metals, given the incredible jump in their price in the current economic climate. While investors are steering away from high-risk financial products, they are turning their attention to commodities. Since the global economic recession has led to a great demand for precious metals, such as platinum, silver, and gold, and the supply of these precious metals has stayed the same, their price has jumped higher than it has been in the past 30 years. However, while many people choose to collect their old, unwanted or used jewelry or household metal items and heirloom for sale, many people overlook the possibility of cashing on the precious metals contained in their used electronics. Also, by selling used electronic scrap to a processing and refining company, the used electronics are efficiently and safely recycled and disposed of, lessening our harmful impact on the environment.

Some people may be unaware of the large quantity of precious metals they may have in their home. Most electronics require a material that is incredibly flexible, malleable, and conductible. Accordingly, household items, like TVs and computers use certain quantities of gold to achieve the uses for them that are desired. When electronics are disposed of out of hand, the precious metals contained within them are left to take up space in landfills, garbage yards, and solid waste management facilities. This is not only an incredible waste of a lucrative, useful, and profitable material, but it is also a great harm to environment.

As technology consistently advances with increasing speed and vitality, old and unwanted electronic items are disposed of improperly. This leads to a great environmental and sustainable concern, in addition to an economic one. By selling electronic scrap to a qualified refinery, consumers are able to make some extra money from their used and unwanted electronics, while also helping the make the Earth a greener and better place.

However, the nature of processing and refining the precious metals contained in electronic scrap can be difficult and costly. Traditional refineries may be unable to provide potential sellers with the actual worth of the precious metals contained in their electronic scrap due to the high overhead costs associated with processing and refining the material in each individual object. However, sites like provide interested parties with an option for selling their used and unwanted electronic scrap at the profit level that their precious metals deserve.

The process of recycling electronic scrap through CashForElectronicScrapUSA starts with requesting a free FedEx shipping label. Interested potential sellers of electronic scrap can then ship their used and unwanted items to their processing facility at no cost. The shipment is also insured for up to $1000, meaning that potential sellers do not have to worry about their highly valuable material getting lost or damaged while in transit to the processing facility. Also each shipment is assigned a unique shipping number and barcode, so that the potential seller can track their shipment along every step of the way, and so that they can know when their shipment has arrived at the processing facility.

They accept all kinds of electronic items, including, but not limited to: cell phones, RAM cards, SIM cards, memory cards, transistors, eproms, processors, backplanes, daughter boards, mother boards, semiconductors, and slot processors. However, it should be noted that they do not process whole PC units, laptops, hard drives, digital cameras, monitors, or camcorders. As such, it is a good idea to check and ensure that what is being sent is something that is able to be processed by their facility.

Electronic scrap can be particularly difficult to deal with, since its appraisal normally involves the complete break down of the objects to find the precious metals, in addition to the actual appraisal of the precious metals involved. Manufactures of electronic products use very different systems, and so it can be difficult to discern the quantity of precious metals in an object, even after breaking it down. However, CashForElectronicScrapUSA has developed an incredibly efficient process for processing and find out just how much gold is locked within any amount of unwanted electronic scrap. Also, there are many other precious metals used in electronics, besides gold. Tin, lead and copper are all used for their various properties to make our electronic products work for us. Now, these metals can be sold for the real market value that they possess.

CashForElectronicScrapUSA’s efficient processing system allows them to send their electronic scrap clients more profit for their material because they have such low overhead costs in comparison to other similar refineries and processing facilities. Also, there are no hidden appraisal, brokerage, or processing fees. Everything has been set up to appraise and refine electronic scrap with as a little cost as possible in order to pass on that profit to the consumer.

After appraising and processing the material, the company will then send the seller a check for the actual worth of the precious metals in their electronic scrap. In addition to the extra cash they provide, consumers can rest assured that they have done a service for the environment as well, as their electronic scrap will have been properly disposed of. Considering both profit and the environment, recycling unwanted electronic scrap is a certain deal.