With new models of cell phones constantly coming out on the mobile market, it is no wonder we can now expect a yearly case of buyer’s remorse. When you finally decide to pull the trigger and purchase that iPhone 4 that you had been eyeing for months, two weeks later Apple decides to announce the upcoming release of the iPhone 4S. This new model will be faster, provide better clarity, and have an improved screen and camera. You may find yourself thinking, “Do I already have to sell my phone?” What are we mobile-obsessed consumers to do?

New models are constantly being released, and while we all love new technology, it can be quite the burden on our wallets. You want to stay up to date with mobile trends, but you do not want to spend all your money on new cell phones. This is a dilemma that is not uncommon to most, as it is often difficult to get rid of something that still works, especially when it seems that the only thing to do with old cell phones is to throw them away.

That is where we come in. At Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, you can sell new phones, old and used phones, broken phones, or even phone scrap to be recycled. Something of which many people are unaware is the fact that there are many components in cell phones that use silver, palladium, and often gold. Companies like Cash for Electronic Scrap USA will buy your old, broken, and unwanted cell phones in order to recycle the precious metals inside them.

If you have any questions, we have made it easy to talk to a representative in live chat so you can be assured of how much cash you would receive for each model and phone type. We also provide free and secure FedEx shipping insured up to one thousand dollars, so you can rest assured that your items would not be lost in the mail.

Since mobile marketing and the world of cellular devices has become one of the biggest industries, cell phone companies are only going to continue churning out new models, one after the other. So get started in freeing yourself of those old cell phones that are sitting in the drawer and fill out a form today!