Although the average cell phone is built to last between two and four years, it has become the norm to always have the best phone available. Before we could get used to saying “3G”, suddenly 4G is all the rage? Some cell phone users get a new cell phone every year or whenever the newest i-Phone is released, but what happens with all the old and unwanted cell phones? Do they go to cell phone heaven? Quite the opposite.

Lots of people keep their old cell phones “just in case” something happens to their new one, or throw them in a giant plastic bag which just ends up collecting dust at the bottom of a junk drawer.  Instead of making clutter in your home, you should sell used cell phones for cash. No, not on Craigslist or PennySaver, and forget going to a pawn shop. After all, what’s the use of going through all that effort to sell cell phones, if you’re not getting anything worthwhile in return?

If you’d like to sell a cell phone, check out Cash for Electronic Scrap USA. We promise the most money back, guaranteed. We specialize in more than just cell phones, we welcome virtually any type of electronic scrap, including computer mother boards and daughter boards as well as various processors and circuit boards. Our practices fall under the guidelines set forth by OSHA and the EPA. Upon request, we can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction/Recycling to prove that your electronic scrap has been recycled appropriately.

We’ve been a family-owned business for the past forty years, and pride ourselves on providing quality service behind a name you can trust. We are a subsidiary of CJ Environmental, one of the most well respected precious metal refinery companies on the market. So if you have a giant plastic bag of old cell phones you don’t quite know what to do with, visit our website, sell your used cell phones to us, and feel confident you are doing business with one of the leaders in the industry.