With the buying price for gold reaching record highs, many people want to know how they can benefit from selling gold. It may sound difficult to know where to look, but those who are hoping to earn some money by selling gold will be pleased to know they do not have to go to the mountains in search of the valuable material. Instead, one can look all around them, as everyday items contain pieces of gold.

One way to obtain gold is to extract gold from a computer you no longer use; in fact, there are multiple areas inside a computer that will provide you with gold pieces. The easiest way to extract gold is to use a window scraper and scrape the gold found on the edges of connectors and fingers in the computer. Ensure that you hold your hand below the area you are scraping so you will catch some of the dust and small pieces that fall from the scraper.

If you only want to extract gold and no other type of precious material (silver, platinum, copper, iron, and so on), then you may want to dissolve non-gold materials in hydrochloric acid that you find inside the computer. Parts such as motherboards, hard drives, RAM, and so on can be dissolved if you want to find gold using this quick and easy process. Just make sure you research the use of chemicals and take every possible safety precaution.

There are other electronics that contain a substantial amount of gold as well. Televisions, radios, cell phones, and even refrigerators contain a fair amount of gold that can earn you a large sum of money over time. The first step is to remove the outer casing from the electronic item. Use whatever tools necessary to achieve this (screwdrivers, pliers, and so on). Once the casing is removed, scrape any gold residue off with your screwdriver. Collect the gold residue inside of a bowl and keep it until you decide to sell the material.

If you wish to discover gold in nature in the same vein as the 49ers of the 1840’s California gold rush, panning is the easiest way to do so. However, to find gold in the modern world you will need a little help via a metal detector (this is due to gold deposits being scattered out because of land development). With your metal detector on, pan the metal detector around placer deposits (these are found in a stream or in gravel with dry sand), lode or hard rock deposits in a vein within mixed materials, and various metal nuggets that can be found by themselves in nature or in a placer deposit. When your metal detector alerts you of a finding, extract the metal from its location. While finding gold in this way can warrant more false findings than not, it is still a tried and true alternative to finding gold.

If you have used a cell phone for a few years, then you probably have an old cell phone sitting around you no longer need. These have a plethora of gold inside them as well. Simply open the cell phone with  the proper screwdriver and use the “scraping” technique used in extracting gold from other electronics. Eventually, you will extract all of the gold from the cell phone and will have more gold in your possession.

These are just a few ways you can obtain gold from a variety of sources. There are many more, and as you continue your quest for gold you will learn of new ways to extract gold. With gold higher than it has been in years, there is no reason not to try your hand at a modern form of mining.