Technology moves incredibly fast, cell phones in particular. Cell phones seem to constantly be getting faster, more powerful, and smaller. Fifteen years ago hardly anybody had a cell phone, but today over 2/3 of Americans do not just have cell phones but smart phones as well. There are some truly incredible devices that can do everything from reminding you to call your mother on her birthday to making reservations at your favorite restaurant on your anniversary.  Given that we are constantly exchanging and upgrading our mobile devices, we are often faced with the question of what to do with old cell phones.

Across the country, thousands of people are discovering the benefits of selling their old cell phones to Cash for Electronic Scrap USA in exchange for cash. For most of us, when we upgrade to a new phone, we let the old one go by the wayside where it sits in a bin, never to be seen or used again. You might have even convinced yourself to keep the old model around just in case the new one turns out to be faulty, but we know that’s rarely the case. You paid good money for that phone in the first place, so why not get some of that initial investment back in your pocket?

The process is easy. All you have to do is request a free shipping label from FedEx via email on our site, print it out, and attach it to the package in which you have collected the items you want to sell. Then just send it off, and within ten days of us receiving your materials, we will have them processed and have a check in the mail for you. We offer the most competitive prices in the cash for electronic scrap market, and we even insure your package for up to a thousand dollars. You can rest assured knowing you are getting the most out of your money and that your materials are safe.

Despite the recent downturn in the economy, the cash for electronic scrap market has remained high, so why not take advantage? We not only accept phones, but also semiconductors, transistors, IC chips, motherboards, and more. So feel free to stay up on the latest technological trends, but with Cash For Electronic Scrap USA, you no longer need to wonder what to do with old cell phones and staying current won’t break the bank.