Every so often, it’s time to get a new cell phone. Maybe your two-year contract has just expired, or maybe you are changing service providers, or maybe you just want a fancy new gadget with the latest technology. Whatever the reason is, you will inevitably find yourself with a useless old cell phone that will either end up in the trash or in a drawer next to your portable CD players and first generation iPods. But you spent good money on those gadgets, and even though they’re currently somewhat obsolete, shouldn’t you be able to get some money for them? With Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, you can sell cell phones and other electronics and get back some cold hard cash.

Most electronics contain small amounts of precious metals like silver and copper, which are used in the circuit boards and the wiring. When you send in your unwanted electronic parts to us, we break down the scrap in order to refine the precious metal; in return you will receive a handful of cash in the mail. It’s that simple. You can sell old cell phones, motherboards, Pentium processors, semiconductors, or whatever else you are interested in getting rid of.

All you have to do is request a free FedEx shipping label by filling out your information, and within seconds you will receive an email with a label you can print. Then just put all your items into a box and send them off. We will insure the contents of your package up to one thousand dollars, so you do not need to worry about the safety of your items. Once we receive your material, you will be mailed a check within ten days. Now, instead of electronic clutter, you have some extra spending money!

Cash For Electronic Scrap USA also guarantees the most competitive pricing of any cash for e-scrap company. The process of breaking down old circuit boards and collecting the metal is a pretty expensive one; thus, many companies do not offer a very high payout to their customers. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, however, handles such a high volume of material that it offsets the price of processing, allowing us to give the highest cash returns of any competitor. Not to mention, recycling old electronics helps support a greener planet! You definitely won’t regret it when you are enjoying the extra cash you will have in your wallet.